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Who are Chase Independents?


We are a group of Councillors who have come together from three prominent national political parties to prioritise the local community of Cannock Chase.


As Councillors from the Green Party, Labour and the Liberal Democrats we have chosen to set aside our national political ideology to focus on the priorities of the community as Chase Independents, Bringing our Community Together.

Our aim is to spearhead a movement that will build on Cannock Chase's great sense of community spirit, giving local residents across the district a greater say on the decisions that affect them. 

Volunteers cleaning up litter



We would love for you to reach out to us, whether it's something you would like help with, or you're thinking about getting involved. We're happy to talk.

We can be reached:

Telephone: 01543 88 63 88

or by email: [email protected]

 or by post at: Chase Independents, Maple House, Norton Green Lane, Norton Canes, WS11 9SS

Who are Chase Independents?