Today we're delighted to be joined by guest blogger Darrell Mawle, who shares his pride in the town of Hednesford.

"I remember the day well......sitting in a dirt car park next to the old Aquarius on a Sunday afternoon waiting for a house viewing in Ebenezer St. It’s 2001, could this be the house to start my new life, with my new wife and my new job?

"Hednesford back then was a sleepy little town which seemed to take a back seat to the nearby Cannock but with so much untapped potential I felt it was the place for me to settle down and raise a family.

"Over the last 19 years so many things have changed which makes where I live today a vibrant, exciting and beautiful place.

"Here are four of the more well-known changes: -

  1. The changes to Hednesford Park following a successful Lottery bid has produced a lot of improvements culminating in “Green Flag” status. A lot of thanks need to go to the Friends of Hednesford Park group who work so hard to keep the standards high and produce excellent community activities.
  2. The Tesco development. The supermarket choice was very sparse before Tesco (and Aldi) came along. There were a lot of different landowners involved in this area of the town, so it was a very complicated negotiation to get this over the line. I think everyone got what they wanted in the end with the bingo club and army cadets getting a new building: a big change from the old buildings they were in.
  3. There has been a lot of new housing going up in Hednesford which has brought many new people into the area. Whether they are locals moving up the housing tree or people from the West Midlands conurbation I personally welcome them to our community and offer a hand of friendship.
  4. The Heritage’s quite old nowadays but it’s a 13 mile trail that you can walk or cycle which starts from the other side of Cannock, goes through Hednesford, and finishes on the far side of Rugeley. There are also great information boards along the way which tell the history of that particular area.

There are now new changes in the political landscape which have drawn me out from being an interested citizen to an activist for change. I’m a strong believer in community ideas being at the forefront of the council’s agenda and direction, not the other way round. Change is part of the lives we all lead nowadays whether we like it or not. I hope that we can all have an input in some way into the changes that happen, changes that future generations can thank us for and agree that they have an embarrassment of riches living in Cannock Chase."

What makes you proud of the place you live? Let us know at [email protected] so we can shout about it too!