A thriving local economy for the benefit of the community of small businesses in our area is a key aspect of our vision for the future. Plans, strategies and priorities which benefit those businesses that are owned and operated by the people who live here will be core to our collective prosperity. A programme of community wealth building which supports our businesses and creates a level playing field against the multi national corporations who take their profits out of our area.

If this is the type of local economy that would suit your business then please contribute to help elect more Chase Independent Councillors

Every penny we spend is for the benefit of the people of Cannock Chase: whether it’s creating surveys to gather your views, printing newsletters to report back on our progress, or running events in the local community, your donations will power our ambition.

 If you want to consider other ways to contribute, help shape our vision for a prosperous future or explore ways to support the community together please get in touch.

Telephone: 01543 88 63 88

or by email: [email protected]

 or by post at: Chase Independents, Maple House, Norton Green Lane, Norton Canes, WS11 9SS

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