District Councillor for Rawnsley

Cllr Claire Wilkinson


“Community wellbeing is the issue closest to my heart. I want to help create a nurturing, compassionate and supportive community where the people have the best opportunities and facilities to be at their finest physical and mental health. I know from experience that sometimes these can be out of reach for some residents and I would like to see that change for the better.”

After spending her childhood living in Rawnsley, Claire spent only a few years away living in Stafford before returning to the street she grew up on to raise her family of three children and was a stay at home parent for many years. In 2012 she went on to work for a local hospice charity where her confidence in working with the public grew.  Her political involvement started out simply by litter picking and delivering leaflets. She soon after became a candidate for The Green Party in the District Council elections, winning her seat in May 2018.

Whilst being very proud to represent her local area, she is frustrated by the limitations of party politics in the Council and believes that input from a diverse range of community voices is well overdue to represent and prioritise the needs of the residents of Cannock Chase.    

Claire can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen as she’s passionate about budget-friendly, low-waste healthy vegan cooking. A lifelong animal lover, she has a number of cats and works with a local wildlife rescue to offer aviary space to wild birds so they can recover before being released. She’s also very fond of running, tattoos and heavy metal.