1. How long have you lived in Rugeley. If you were not born in the town can you tell us a bit about where you were born, where you have lived and what brought you to Rugeley?
I was born and raised in Aldridge and was educated at Aldridge Grammar School and Walsall Technical College.
I moved to Cheslyn Hay in the early 90’s and have lived in Rugeley since 2003.
2. What is your most favourite thing about Rugeley?
Its friendly, small town atmosphere and its proximity to the Chase.
3. On a personal level what are the highpoints and best achievements in your life to date?
I suppose surviving transplant surgery is something of a highlight.
Helping bring up children and a Grandchild to be hardworking, rounded caring individuals is a bit cliché.
On an individual level I am especially proud of going from a non-cyclist to competing the 100km London Nightrider in the space of three months and raising £1,600 for a Prostate Cancer Charity in the process.
4. What led you to be standing as a councillor now?
I have always wanted to give something back, whether that be by volunteering for local charities, being a school governor or raising money for charity, unfortunately the demands of my job prevented me from standing for councillor in the past. These demands no longer exist.
5. What issues do you think are most important to residents in Rugeley?
a. A levelling up in the district so that the Town is not seen as a poor relation.
b. Improvement in facilities in general but for the young in particular.
c. Crime reduction.
6. If there was one thing you could achieve in your area, what would it be?
a. Regeneration of the town centre.