Meet Our Candidates

1. How long have you lived in Hednesford? If you were not born in the town can you tell us a bit about where you were born, where you have lived, and what brought you to Hednesford?
I’ve lived in Hednesford for 20 years now and there have been some big changes over the years. I was originally born in Birmingham but grew up in Chasetown & Lichfield. I have also lived in Walsall, Bristol and Canada for short periods in the past. I moved to Hednesford (Ebenezer St) when I got married and we chose Hednesford for the potential of the area and its proximity to the Chase and the West Midlands Conurbation.
2. What is your most favourite thing about Hednesford?
My favourite thing about Hednesford is its history and how you can be on the Chase in only a few minutes.
3. On a personal level what are the highpoints and best achievements in your life to date?
My high points & best achievements have been celebrating 20 years of marriage this year, bringing up my children to be good citizens, running a business, serving on the District Council, surviving a heart attack and achieving some sporting goals.
4. What led you to be standing as a councillor now?
I think the council needs to keep changing with the times we live in. I think I have ideas and a commitment to see them through which will help improve the area for the residents of Hednesford North and the surrounding district.
5. What issues do you think are most important to residents in Hednesford?
There are national issues like Covid Vaccination, Brexit, Employment and Women’s safety which are on everyone’s minds but I have to be realistic on what I can do about those things as a district councillor. The local issues where I can make a bigger difference are the upkeep of our parks, dog fouling, litter, bin collections and helping residents get access to the services that they are entitled to.
6. If there was one thing you could achieve in your area, what would it be?
To bring everyone together in a common cause to treat each other kindly, respect the area we live in and foster a better community spirit.