This week, 28th September to 4th October is National Inclusion week. National Inclusion week was created 8 years ago by Inclusive Employers to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace.

Inclusion is a regularly used term that means different things to different people and is often confused or used instead of equality or diversity.

For clarity the differences are as follows:

EQUALITY Is about the fair treatment of everyone regardless of age, race, colour, religion, sex, or disability. In the UK it is linked to and enforced by the Equality Act 2010.

DIVERSITY is the mix of people in relation to their age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion etc.

INCLUSION in the context of National Inclusion Week is a culture whereby the mix of people within an organisation can come to work and feel confident and comfortable in their working environment whilst still delivering the business needs.

Many people will at some point in their lives have felt exclusion: you’re not part of the “gang” at school, not part of the clique at whatever club you’ve joined or in the workplace. Or maybe you’ve felt your ideas are ignored or your work not appreciated. Inclusion is the exact opposite of this. Allowing people to express who they choose to be, demonstrating our appreciation of and working with them whilst showing we care.

So why is Inclusion so important in the workplace?

Evidence shows that organisations that adopt an inclusive culture attract a more diverse array of talent who are empowered to think differently and share their experience which is a driver for innovation.
In addition, companies with an Inclusive culture generally have a happier workforce who stay longer thereby improving the companies and the individual’s success.

The theme for National Inclusion Week 2020 is Each One, Reach One. It is about the opportunity that we all have to connect with someone else, or another organisation, to help them understand the opportunity of inclusion and connect. It is about individuals and organisations connecting and inspiring each other to make inclusion an everyday reality.

Inclusive Employers have an evidence-based accreditation tool which is the workplace for Workplace Inclusion. A full list of their accredited employers are listed on their website, and we have pulled out a selection here. We were interested to see a number of councils achieving accreditation. We would encourage all councils operating in Cannock Chase to review their approach towards inclusion.

Calderdale Borough Council
Clarion Housing
Doncaster Council
Hampshire County Council
Hampshire Fire and Rescue
Hampshire Police
House of Lords
Kirklees Council
Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Look Ahead
Surrey Police
The London Clinic
Warwickshire County Council

For further information and to find out how you can promote a more inclusive workplace please visit