Today we're introducing our candidate Paul Dadge, who is hoping to represent residents in Hawks Green, Hednesford and Rawnsley. Paul lives in Hawks Green, has a young family and runs his own business in Norton Canes. Here is what he told us about why he wants to be a councillor 👇👇👇
1. How long have you lived in Cannock Chase? If you were not born in the town can you tell us a bit about where you were born, where you have lived and what brought you to Cannock Chase?
I was born at the Ivy House Hospital in Cannock, difficult to believe I know given my relatively young looks! I grew up in Norton Canes and moved to Heath Hayes in my teens, I’ve lived around the area most of my adult life, spending a little time working in Dublin, Wokingham Berkshire and Stafford in between.
2. What is your most favourite thing about Hednesford and the surrounding area?
The area, the friends, the nature that we can explore (ok that’s 3) we’re really lucky to live in such a friendly, community focused and nature rich area.
3. On a personal level what are the highpoints and best achievements in your life to date?
I worked in Maymies, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go into BDF NewLife as it’ll shatter my memories. If you were around in those days and could get over the sticky carpet you know how fun it was! Nightclubs aside, I have two absolutely adorable children Bea 10 and Tom 8, seeing how they’ve coped with the last year under Covid restrictions has made me such a proud dad. I was photographed a long time ago helping someone and that’s given me opportunities to be involved in projects, good causes and a platform to challenge the norm whether it be in Cannock or Westminster.
4. What led you to be standing as a councillor now?
I worked to lobby politicians on Press Regulation which in turn grew an interest for me in politics generally. I’ve always been a bit of an ideas man, a challenger and absolutely I’ve been given the badge “trouble maker”, if causing trouble ensures that our area gets the investment it truly deserves, I have no issue with that.
5. What issues do you think are most important to residents in Hednesford, Hawks Green and Rawnsley?
Dog Poo, Potholes, Parks, Town Centre Regeneration, Parking Enforcement, the order varies, however they are recurring themes. Two of those are dealt with by effective enforcement which has been lacking. For instance, there is no respect for double yellow lines or zig zags outside schools anymore. Did you know that parking enforcement officers come from Stoke on Trent? I’ll record some videos detailing my thoughts and potential solutions on all these issues over the next few weeks.
6. If there were two things you could achieve in your area, what would they be?
The ability to drive along a road without my car disappearing into a pothole. Not very inspirational is it?! This will not earn me a Pulitzer but seriously how many vehicles have to be damaged before proper attention is paid to our roads? This isn’t a countrywide issue, this is more serious in Staffordshire than anywhere else I travel. Proper investment in parks would be a very close second, I want our children to be excited at the prospect of going to the park. Hednesford has done wonders and this needs replicating throughout our area.
Paul Dadge


Dad to Bea & Tom. Outspoken, opinionated and grey haired. Talks Politics, IT, Counter Terrorism & Press Reg. Chair @chaseindies