Click Here to Register to Vote!- Hi, I'm Jodie. I'm a candidate for the Chase Community Independents Group in Heath Hayes and Wimblebury, and I'm going to tell you why you should vote in the upcoming local elections on the 6th of May.

Only about a third of voters voted in the 2019 local elections, and of these, young people are the least likely to vote. When you choose not to vote, you're choosing not to have your say in your local community and telling your councillors that you don't care what they get up to.

Voting is your chance to stand up for the issues that you care about. It's your opportunity to inform councillors of your needs and priorities. Voting is an opportunity for change. Young people not voting makes politicians less likely to listen and make policies that appeal to them. By voting, you can change their behaviour and force them to listen to the issues that affect you.

So why do people choose not to vote?

You may think that your candidate has no chance of winning but your vote is never wasted. Casting a vote shows that there's a demand for your candidate's policies. It highlights the issues you care about and tells the winning candidate what they need to do to win your vote next time around. You may think that your candidate will win anyway but get the policies you and your candidate care about implemented, every vote counts, and the margin of victory can add weight to these issues being discussed in the council chamber. You may not agree with any of the candidates, or feel that nobody represents your views. Then tell the candidates what you care about right away. Challenge them, engage with them, and then choose the candidate who best represents your views, someone you can work with on the issues you care about. After all, someone's going to be elected.

I chose to join the Chase Community Independents Group because we are committed to listening, engaging, and acting with the community, and for the community. Taking national politics out of our local councils and making a real difference to the lives of everyone by bringing our community together. If you want to have your say and vote on May 6th, you must be registered to vote. You can register online anytime before the 19th of April. And if you don't want to vote in-person, then you can apply for a postal vote instead. Whether it's the environment and litter, or road safety and potholes, show your local council the issues that affect you by voting on May 6th.

You can register to vote by clicking below!